A Couple Streaming Demo Results.

Here are a couple paintings I demo’d on the livestream service Join.me. I actually decided to subscribe to this one. The streaming client is a lot more lightweight than Livestream’s was. I am able to work on large files with no lag at all. I also chose it because it allows anyone to join and chat, without having to log in with an account. I stream to meet/teach new people, so that was an important one for me. Also, no ads! There’s no audio though, which is actually OK with me. I think most people would rather play their own music, anyway.

I’ll always make a Twitter announcement when I stream, so follow me here to get announcements about that.

Nesting Ground

▲This started as a demo initially focusing on color and light. I ended up polishing it a bit afterwards because I liked how it started. I was thinking of a race who have very sophisticated knot tying but aren’t able to construct much from wood itself. They have low physical strength, as they have delicate frames and hollow bones. They can only fly short distances, like turkeys. They have dexterous wingtips which allow them to tie rope, but are bad at lugging large objects. They put nets up relatively short distances from the ground so that they can store dried food and other useful things.
I put a little human in front for scale (since this world DOES have humans) but I’m thinking of changing him into one of the bird race…




▲ Another reworked version of a Livestream demo I did awhile back. I’ve always really been drawn to marshes, probably because I played so much in one as a kid. In fact it started as more of a magical realism idea where it was going to be a kid version of me sitting on the stump, but I decided it would be fun to make an amphibian race instead.




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Posted: July 11, 2014


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