“African Digital Art” feature

My Kampala illustration has been featured on “African Digital Art!” The article includes some never-before-shown process shots.

Link to article

I love geometric art, and saw this assignment as a good opportunity to look at and play with traditional African designs. Fractals lie deep in African indigenous design sense, and thought it would be cool to carry that quality into futuristic architecture!

I was inspired by this Ba-Ila floor plan, and these Ethiopian coptic crosses. I also looked at Ukhamba baskets, and Mande mud architecture for elements in this.

The image features layered arcologies (the stripey forms in the background). Each stripe is a floor, as residents live near the edges for access to windows. Deeper within the arcologies are aquaponics and other life support/infrastructure systems. Fusion power is used extensively, so everything is fairly clean.





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Posted: April 12, 2016


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